Digital Conditions

Here are the digital conditions you need to comply with

in order to custom make your own presentation product.

Digital Conditions:


The document must be submitted as a PDF file by email (or CD). This is the quickest and most careful way to deliver your design to the factory. We place your PDF file under our template to check that everything is well positioned and then it is sent in its entirety to the factory.


Please deliver print-ready files in high resolution: minimum 300 dpi.


Deliver print-ready files in full size and horizontally, where graduations, cutting lines and registration marks fall outside the printing format (Plano format + 17 mm all around) so that these marks are not included in the design, everything within the lines is included in the design/printing.



Screen colours (RBG) differ from the usual colours used and must therefore be converted to PMS/CMYK colours.


PMS = Pantone Matching System


CMYK = Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black)


CMYK are standard colours that are mixed to create the colour of your choice. PMS colours are (internationally) recognized colours with a number that are delivered at an (additional) price. With CYMK you have to think of a standard red and with PMS of cherry red.


Include spot varnish and die-cuts as an extra document in the layout:


Spot varnish: an extra gloss/matt layer on top of the gloss/matt finish.


The die-cut must also be supplied as a separate document and is placed over the PDF file. (A separate punching knife is created for each separate punching form. Think of the idea of a biscuit mould.) Ring binders etc. are cut, junction boxes and other different shapes are punched with a die cut. There are one-off extra costs charged for a punching knife.


Ready to print file formatted in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign; converted into letter contours. Converting your font to font contours: not everyone has the same fonts available. In order to prevent us from using a different font, you should, as it were, secure your font so that we can take over and use the font of your file. In principle, you provide us with the desired font if we do not have it available. This is done as a precaution in order to produce your design as faithfully as possible.


Digital delivery by email:


You can deliver the digital document by email as a print-ready PDF file that meets the above conditions:


Digital delivery with CD:


CD (well) protected packaging and sending, including order number and references, to:


Jacobs Presentation Products

c/a customer service

Verdiweg 393

3816 KM Amersfoort




A 100% colour proof must be supplied with the digital document. If we receive a document without a colour proof, we always print on the basis of the standard values applicable to the printing technique in question.