MyArtBook: the ultimate sketchbook

Papicolor is a fast growing internationally oriented company in the field of coloured paper, envelopes, cardboard & cards, scrapbook materials, hand and brush lettering products and stamps.

This year they launched a revolutionary sketchbook on the market under the name MyArtBook. It is a versatile sketchbook that can be put together with eleven types of paper for multiple techniques. You can decide for yourself how much and what quality paper you buy. The sheets of paper have a unique tear-off edge.

MyArtBook consists of a hard cover covered with fine linen paper and a gold foil print, flexible elastic bands to keep the paper in place and a ring binder mechanism. The hard cover can be completely folded down to make it even easier to use. This product is available in A3, A4 and A5 size.

MyArtBook is the result of a collaboration between Jacobs and Papicolor.