Hotel Of Your Dreams

Hamburg is one of the largest cities in Germany and is famous for its harbor area. It is becoming an important cultural and commercial hubbub and popular tourist destination.

The PierDrei Hotel Hafencity Hamburg is located in one of the hottest new neighborhoods, Hafencity, where a striking blend of old and new architecture styles mix. This port area is a must when visiting Hamburg.

A strong motivation behind this brand new hotel (opened September 2019) was the time for a fresh perspective: a Hamburg hotel, a hotel for Hamburg. The creators envisioned the heartbeat of their city reflected in their hotel. The hotel has 212 inspirational rooms and sets itself apart from other hotels with its pulsating atmosphere and heartbeat. There is a rooftop garden, a parent free zone and true adventurers can sleep in a caravan and so much more. Guests – business and families alike –  are warmly embraced upon entry and are encouraged to enjoy some well-earned peace and quiet.

Jacobs has provided a custom made guest folder with a ring binder mechanism and magnetic closure. The folder has a blind embossing and multiple foil prints. The guest folder is used for the hotel rooms and is provided with all necessary Hamburg information. From A to Z.