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You want to create a name for yourself and conquer a rightful place in the business world? Look no further!

Jacobs Presentation Products can help you create a sophisticated and professional corporate identity by means of a diverse range of customizable presentation, promotional and storage products that are guaranteed to impress your clients. Our products excell because of their smart design and its precise finish. We can personalize and customize the following products: brief cases, ring binders, storage boxes and lever arches. Jacobs Presentation Products also offers exclusive products in the home office range, luxury storage boxes, sample books and gift boxes. Our range of products is as diverse as the materials we use: paper, (natural) cardboard, PVC, polypropylene, elastic, leather and metal.


About us:

Jacobs Presentation Products manufactures and designs unique presentation products customizable to all your wishes. We deliver outstanding products because of their design and precise detailing. Products our customers can show off to clients and associates and proudly so. Jacobs differentiates itself through high quality work, but that is not all. At Jacobs it is possible to order smaller amounts of copies with a set minimum of a 100. We are ecologically aware with our production process and the materials used and offer competitive pricing. We supply our products to entrepreneurs and multinationals and everyone in between. In short, we will supply to all clients who want to represent themselves professionally to their intended (target) audiences. 


Are you excited and/or curious about our products?
Please contact us for a non-obligatory offer.
To ensure a speedy and accurate order we would like to discuss and negotiate your wishes concerning our basic products via telephone. If you are interested in our specialized products we would like to schedule a meeting (face to face) to offer elaborate information. You will also have the opportunity to look at our samples. If everything is to your satisfaction you will receive an offer shortly after.

If the offer turns into an order we will need to make a “size chart” on which to base your design to accommodate the personalized or customized product. If you order a “special” we can, if wanted, provide you with a sample. If you are content with the design we will start the production process.
If all goes according to plan you will receive your customized product within 3 weeks.